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Vocalink’s interpreting services are designed to help organizations bridge the language and cultural gap between their staff and their Limited English Speaking clients and patients. We are currently hiring interpreters in Dayton, Ohio. As an interpreter, you choose which appointments you wish to take, as many or as few as you like. Your hourly rate is based on your qualifications and experience.Minimum/General Experience

• Must have native or near-native fluency in English and in a second language (see list of target languages above)

• Excellent verbal and communication skills

• Oral Fluency & Expression—ability to construct connected oral discourse in English and target language that effectively communicates a message

• Interpretation experience a plus

• Have solid bilingual vocabulary of the human anatomy, medical diagnosis; treatment, disease, symptoms and results of various diagnostic procedures.

Requirements prior to induction :

• Pass oral and written skill level-1 test in both English and 2nd language

• Complete New Interpreter Orientation

• Complete Beginner Interpreter Medical Training

• Background check required

• Drug screen and current list of immunizations

• Authorization to work in the US

• Have reliable transportation

• Have access to a computer, internet and cell phone

• Complete Intermediate Medical Interpreter Training

Duties/Responsibilities :

• Consecutive mode of interpretation required for assignments (not paraphrasing)

• All interpreters provide on site, over the phone or video interpreting in a medical, social service or business arena. All interpreters are responsible for their own travel to and from the appointments.

• This function is to facilitate communication between two speakers; it is not designed to be a mediator, someone who explains ideas, or gives advice.

• Interpreters have a twofold role: 1) to ensure that interpretation events reflect, in English, precisely what was said by persons of limited English proficiency and 2) to place persons of limited English proficiency on an equal footing with persons who understand English. This creates an obligation to conserve every element of information contained in a source language communication when it is rendered in the target language.

• Interpreters will render a complete and accurate interpretation or sight translation by reproducing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language message, without altering, omitting, or adding anything to the meaning of what is stated or written, and without explanation.

• Interpreter will maintain and improve his/her interpreting skills through professional training or education in the interpretation field.

• Be dependable and professional

• Neat and professional appearance

Preferred Minimum Educational requirement :

• Bachelor’s Degree is preferred in any discipline but not required

Location: Dayton, OH
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